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Life has not been easy since ex-cricketer, Richard Palmer, was forced to give up the game he loves because of a serious knee injury. Faced with a barrage of hate mail from a psychotic fan, he is devastated when he loses both his spouse and his best friend in tragic circumstances.†

Palmer eventually comes to terms with his wifeís murder and in due time strikes up a relationship with Emma, his best friendís daughter. Emma has just returned from the same archaeological dig in Egypt where her father worked before he began to act strangely.†

The couple return to the scene of the crime and discover an ancient casket hidden beneath the floorboards. Hieroglyphics inscribed within the casket tell of a sphinx pendant that offers certain, mystical powers to its owner. The pendant, however, is missing...

Meanwhile, the pendant's new owner, Dave Fletcher, has embarked on a killing spree that is not entirely of his own making. But by the time he discovers who really controls the pendant it is too late as recurring nightmares cast Dave Fletcher back to a time long gone; to ancient Egypt and a painful confrontation with the evil cat goddess, Bastet.†

As fact and fiction merge into one, Fletcher's dreams become so vivid that he begins to fear for his own sanity. Sleep, far from being a pleasurable experience, is now something to fear. An unwelcome distraction to the man who hates Palmer, his former hero, with a vengeance. Can our hero outwit Dave Fletcher whilst doing battle with an enemy almost as old as time itself?

© David Cook

David Cook Author and IT Journalist