On Halloween 2003, PLENTY LONG ENOUGH won the first ever DARKLINES short story writing competition. Shortly afterwards US film company Midcoast Pictures offered to turn PLENTY LONG ENOUGH into a short movie. The movie industry moves apace however and nothing further materialised. Dave was also involved with early scriptwriting for THE CABIN, which later became known as the film LA CABANA.

And now back to the world of books. Dave does not usually write religious tales but an exception was made for THE MAN WHO DARED TO DREAM. Set in biblical times, the story contains a wicked little twist at the end. A number of readers have expressed their delight at the tale and you can read it by clicking the Short Story link on the left menu.

If you like something more grisly then THE STUFF OF LIFE AND DEATH can be accessed on the highly acclaimed Jack the Ripper site at Casebook.org. The story can be found in the Games & Diversions/Original Ripper Fiction section.

Although Dave writes fiction, over the years he has written hundreds of computer articles. Think hardware or software and Dave has almost certainly reviewed or written a feature about it; anything from motherboards, DVD Writers, printers and hard drives, to operating systems, encryption, applications, and games. 

Dave freelanced mostly for PRACTICAL PC, which was once a "proper paper magazine." Other magazines include PC Advisor, Personal Computer World, Windows Plus, PC Support Advisor, and PC Network Advisor.

Around 700 of Dave's computer-related articles have been published in the UK and around the world.


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